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Sack paper

Our paper is a convenient and inexpensive material that has found its application in many areas of human activity. First of all, this type of paper is used as a packaging for variety of products. Durable and reliable paper bags and  paper packaged goods can be seen in many stores.

The sack paper is also used in manufacture of envelopes and other similar products.

The assumption that the sack paper is used only as a packaging would be wrong.

Firstly, such material is used for the manufacture of patterns at many sewing enterprises.

Secondly, in folk craft, the durable paper is used in manufacture of various crafts, including children’s carnival costumes.

Thirdly, the material is used for bookbinding.

Fourthly, the sack paper has found application in electronics as an insulation.

That is why, due to the vast scope of use, this material is always in demand and popular in the goods market.

The sack paper is an environmentally friendly product.

The main characteristics of the paper:

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