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Paraffin waxed paper

The paraffin waxed paper is intended for packaging metal products. It is used in all industries related to metal processing.

The paraffin waxed paper is nowadays the best and nonhazardous  type of paper for packaging industrial goods and metals. This type of paper is used as a rule to protect against the ingress of moisture into industrial products, which is extremely important for their storage in appropriate storing conditions. The fact that this type of paper belongs to the “packaging” paper is quite justified, since the BP-3-35 paraffin waxed paper perfectly protects ordinary industrial products and various metals from moisture, which helps to avoid corrosion, as well as deterioration and reduction of the product life.

Our paper is produced in an impregnation machine by the method of double-sided impregnation of the base paper weighing 35 +/- 1.8 g. with impregnating mixture. The paraffin used in the paper industry is a crystalline mass, completely refined, without smell and taste. The advantage of this paraffin is the following: hardness, non-stickiness, high gloss, low viscosity, which allows to obtain thin films.

The main characteristics of the paper:

  • Roll weight: 80 kg;
  • Roll width: 840 mm;
  • Mass fraction of paraffin: 30-45%;
  • Warranty period of storage: 1 year from the date of manufacture of paper.

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